• Welcome to Mrs. Turner's Page
    Name: Mrs. Jaci Turner Conference/Plan: 1st Hour 
    Email: Jaci Turner Phone: 735-4900
    Hour (Time)
    1. 8:20 am to 9:17 am
    2. 9:22 am to 10:22 am
    3. 10:27 am to 11:24 am
    4. 11:29 pm to 12:26 pm
        12:26 pm to 1:11 pm
    5. 1:11 pm to 2:08 pm
    6. 2:14 pm to 3:11 pm  
    Co-Curricular Assignments:
     Academic Team Sponsor
    Notice: Mrs. Turner will be on Maternity Leave until Fall Break.  I will return on October 21, 2019.  Everything until that point will be handled by my substitute.
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    To get to my google classroom page:

    go to classroom.google.com

    login with your username: firstnamelastname@moorestudents.com

    password: your student ID#

    If you haven't joined my class yet, click the "+" and enter code: and then click join.


    To get to the online textbook site:

    go to bigideasmath.com

    click login with clever

    search and select Southmoore (if prompted)

    click Office 365 login

    username: firstnamelastname@moorestudents.com

    password: your student ID#

    Supplies needed for Mrs. Turner's Class
    folder or binder (for this class only)
    spiral or composition notebook (for this class only) 
    1 box of tissues (to keep in the classroom)
    student ID