HI!  I am Mrs. Teresa Schroeder, Briarwood Media Specialist.
    I am excited about sharing many books and activities with Briarwood Students.
     "See" our library at the following link
     A little about ME:

    • I have been a teacher for 30+ years. 
      2020-2021 will be my 11th year as the Media Specialist at Briarwood. 
      I taught Kindergarten for 16 years before getting my Masters in Library Media.
    Reading is my all time favorite quiet time activity, imagine that!!
    I also like sewing&quilting,traveling and meeting new people.
    Some COOL things about me are--I have lived in Alaska twice, and I like to travel! My most memorable daring feats are when I went up in a HOT AIR BALLOON in Boulder,CO, Rode a HELICOPTOR over the Grand Canyon, PARA-SAILING at Grand Lake in OK, and doing the IFLY adventure in OKC. Seeing Mount Rushmore was also a sight to behold. MOST of our family are OSU fans, some of our family root for the "other team", but we still LOVE THEM...LOL!