OR Attendance Policy

  •  Moore Public Schools Attendance Policy 

    Oklahoma State law requires school officials to keep attendance records and report 
    excessive absences to the District Attorney's office. Ten (10) unexcused absences 
    within a semester constitutes excessive and thereby may be reported to the District 
    Attorney's office. Two (2) tardies constitutes one absence. A tardy is defined as a 
    student not being in the classroom when the last bell has stopped ringing. Two early 
    releases will constitute one absence. An early release is defined as a student leaving 
    before the dismissal of school. (Ref: BP 7045, para 3)
    Criteria for excused absences:
    1. Any medical treatment that is substantiated by a physician's written 
    statement (The physician's statement must be submitted to the school within 
    five (5) days of the student's return and is subject to verification by a school 
    2. Forty-eight (48) hours to treat and clear head lice with appropriate medical 
    documentation upon return to school
    3. Any event that is approved as a school activity
    4. A court subpoena
    5. Religious holidays or activities
    6. Bereavement (documentation may need to be presented)
    Family vacations are not exempted and such absences will count toward the 
    maximum absences allowed within the semester.
    The elementary school attendance policy falls under the umbrella of the general 
    attendance policy; therefore, continual attendance violations could result in a student 
    receiving a failing grade for that grading period.