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    Name: Mrs. Tami Thomason

    Conference/Plan: 4th period

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    Hour (Time)


    1. 7:40AM - 8:40AM

    8th grade science

    2. 8:45AM - 9:41AM

    7th grade Pre-AP science

    3. 9:46AM - 10:42AM 

    7th grade Pre-AP science

    4.10:47AM - 12:13PM


    5.12:18PM - 1:14PM

    8th grade science

    6.1:19PM - 2:16PM

    7th grade Pre-AP science

    Co-Curricular Assignments:


    Science Department Chair




      In order for your child to succeed in this Science class, your child must have access to scissors, glue, and colored pencils.  I will provide these items during the school day, but it is possible that your child will have homework where these items are required.  I will not give extensions on late work if your child does not complete it on time because of lack of supplies.