Mr. Wilson's Class
    6  T  H      G  R  A  D  E 



    Welcome to Mr. Wilson's Website
    Plan Time: 9:20-10:05 AM
    Check back at a later date... more to come. :) 
    Hayes (6th Grade Reading)
    Hopkins (6th Grade Social Studies & Science)
    Babb (6th Grade Lanuage Arts) 
  • Daily Schedule


               Get Ready for the Day


          PE / Music / STEAM

     RTI (Mon-Thurs)


                  (Fri -End of month)

      BLOCK 1

         I have Hayes' class

         My class is in Hopkins' class

      BLOCK 2

         I have Babb's class

         My class is in Babb's class


      Outside Break

      BLOCK 2 cont.

      BLOCK 3

               I have Hopkins' class.

               My class is in Hayes' room.

      BLOCK 4

              I have my own class.


    Dismissal for Car Riders

    Dismissal for Walkers

    Dismissal for Bus & Daycare