Youth in Government is a student run organization sponsored by the Oklahoma YMCA. Students have the opportunity to participate in mock trial in the Judicial Branch, create new legislation in the Legislative Branch and learn journalism and broadcasting in the Media Branch.
    $85 Registration fee to Seabolt Before Christmas Break (Make Check out to SHS or prefer CASH. Log back on with link below and register.
    Online Registration Instructions  REGISTER ONLINE. Follow instructions

    Leg. Bills Due on line October 24th

    Meeting Tuesday October 21st For Legislative. For Bill help and Bill approval

    Judicial Practice October 23rd after school (1 Hour)

    Register online!!!

    Give Seabolt $25 before next Wednesday 15th. Cash or check to Southmoore High School

    YIG'S Goals:
    To enhance the development of the American democratic process by enabling young Americans to prepare for moral and political leadership by providing guidance, training, and experience in the theory and practice of determining public policy;
    • To provide leadership training to meet the needs of a democratic society;
    • To provide an understanding and awareness of modern government;
    • To provide opportunities for participation in the legislative process;
    • To provide opportunities to become significantly involved in social issues;
    • To develop self confidence and self expression;
    • To provide opportunities to gain experience in political action;
    • To sponsor an inter-association event and laboratory training on the democratic process of our country attractive to high school youth;
    • To increase the ability of members to organize ideas clearly, concisely, and persuasively along with giving individuals experience in the art of speech making and debate;
    • To enable the individual to learn to take defeat without discouragement as well as to learn to be tolerant of others’ points of view.