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    To the parents I have already talked to, this note may be redundant, but for those with whom I have not had contact, I hope it will be informative and helpful. I have listed below general class procedures and expectations.  Each subject is also listed separately with any special instructions.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your child or their assignments.  My email is linked above.



     My plan time is from 11:20 to 11:55 daily. 

    Each student will have a Daily Assignment folder with a Daily Agenda.

    A]  Each student should write down on the Daily Assignment Agenda all assignments, projects &/or work attempted or completed.

    B]  A parent should review the Daily Agenda and sign at the bottom.

    C]  I will fill in & initial all subject blocks which are attempted in my classroom.

    D]  If I have placed a circle with a line through it and my initials in the subject square that indicates you child completed the work in class and has no homework

    E]  If I have written an assignment in the subject square, initialed and checked the HM in the lower corner your child has homework in that subject. 



    If your child receives Reading instruction in my classroom they will be

    provided with a Reading book to complete at home reading assignments.

    A] Please have the child read the assigned pages ALOUD to an adult.

    B] The adult should sign the inside page provided when the assignment

     is complete.

    C]  Failure to complete reading assignments may result in a loss of recess time.

     D] The student or students with the most completed take home Reading assignments will receive a prize at the end of the year.


    If your child receives Spelling instruction in my classroom they will be provided with a Spelling list in their Thursday Folder.

    A] Spelling Tests will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays unless prior notification is sent home. (Short weeks etc.)

    B] If a student earns a 100% or greater grade on the Wednesday (Pre-test),

    they do not have to retake the test on Friday and will receive a book or a stuffed toy.




    Your child will received a Thursday Folder from my class at a minimum of twice a month.

    A]  I have written the grade averages your child has earned for the week on the sheet attached to the inside cover.  


    B]  Graded papers are attached to a computer cover sheet for each subject taught in my class.  These are the grades your child has earned as recorded on the computer.  PLEASE SIGN EACH SUBJECT SHEET AS INDICATED.

    C]  Return all papers and coversheets in the Thurs. Folder on the next class day. 



     Crystals will be earned by your child in the following manner.  Five Crystals equal on ticket.  The ticket will allow your child to go to my “Student Store” and pick one toy per ticket. They may also save the tickets to purchase larger items. The tickets will be place in a “Ticket Trashcan” and drawn out for larger rewards at the end of each semester.

    Your child will earn a crystal for each day they have :

    A] completely and correctly filled in their Daily Assignment Folder,

    B] with Parent signature .

    C] and (if applicable) returned their signed Reading book.

    Your child will earn a crystal or a piece of candy for:

    A] returning a signed Thursday Folder and

    B] returning  signed coversheets and papers.

     Again please contact me if you have any questions.