Personal Financial Literacy is a graduation requirement taken by freshmen.  The primary goal of this class is to provide students with basic personal finance tools and knowledge that will enable them to build the life they want.  They’ll learn about:  financial responsibility, decision making, income, careers, spending/credit, and saving/investing.



    Personal Financial Literacy Area of Instruction and Priority Academic Student Skills

    1. Earning an Income
    2. State and Federal Income Taxes
    3. Banking and Financial Services
    4. Balancing a Checkbook
    5. Saving and Investing
    6. Planning for Retirement
    7. Borrowing Money
    8. Interest, Credit Cards and Online Commerce
    9. Identity Fraud and Theft
    10. Renting/Buying a Home
    11. Understanding Insurance
    12. Impact & Consequences of Gambling
    13. Bankruptcy
    14. Charitable Giving

    Personal Finance Syllabus