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    Mrs. Rowland
    Name: Christen Rowland Conference/Plan: 1st Hour: 8:20am-9:17am
     Email: Christen Rowland  
    Hour (Time) Subject
    1. 8:20am-9:17am  Plan
    2. 9:22am-10:22am  General Biology 
    3. 10:27am-11:24am   Pre-AP Biology 3
    4. 11:29am-1:04pm   Pre-AP Biology 4

    1st Aug 15th - Nov 8th -11:29am-11:56am

    2nd Nov 8th - Feb 21st 11:57am-12:29pm

    3rd Feb 24th-May21st 12:32pm-1:04pm

     Lunch Rotation
    5. 1:11pm-2:08pm   Pre-AP Biology 5
    6. 2:14pm-3:11pm 
     Anatomy and Physiology
    Co-Curricular Assignments:  
     National Honor Society Co-Sponsor