• thrive Moore Public Schools uses Thrive, which is Web-based software, to manage professional development activities and points. 
    Teachers can enroll in workshops as well as check workshops attended via the Thrive website.
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    Questions about Professional Development

    If you have reviewed the Professional Development Handbook  and you still
    have questions about professional development requirements, please ask the Professional Development Representative in your building.
    A list of those representatives can be found by clicking on PD Building Site Chairs on the left side of this screen.
    If you still need assistance, contact April Nordstrom or phone: 735-4284.

    Professional learning when, where and how you want it!

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    The Professional Development Resource Center is open for business!  Hope to see you soon.


    The PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT RESOURCE CENTER is located at the Administrative Services Center at 1500 SE 4th in Moore (on the 2nd floor in Room 239).

    Hours are 8:00-4:30 Monday through Friday, closed for lunch daily.  If you need to stop by during your lunch, just let me know.

    We have an extensive collection of Ellison Dies, a Sizzix Machine with Dies, Laminators, a Binding Machine, Button Machines, and Poster Maker.  


    The purpose of the Professional Development Committee is to plan and provide for the activities which are designed to facilitate the professional

    development of instructional & administrative personnel of the Moore School District. Please refer to the Professional Development Program Handbook for explanation

    of requirements for teachers and administrators.  


    The ELL required training:

    All Certified personnel who are new to the district must complete a one-hour new teacher ELL workshop presented by district ELL staff.  

    Additionally, all certified staff must attend one hour of required (R)ELL professional development provided online through the district professional development website.


    BBP/504 Diabetes/MPS Safety Policy and Procedures/Bullying Trainings (and Dyslexia/ELL online for Certified Staff): Your completion of these required trainings is NOT automatically linked to Thrive.  

    When surveys are completed, they are stored to await importing into Thrive by April Nordstrom. This is done manually and will be done on a weekly basis as time permits, beginning in October.  

    You will be required to maintain a copy of the surveys in addition to forwarding copies to any department personnel that may need/require it.  

    Once the completed surveys are imported into Thrive, your transcript will then reflect that your 504 Diabetes, MPS Safety, plus Dyslexia, Online ELL and Bullying trainings if required, have been completed for this school year.

    Since Bloodborne Pathogens training does not receive a point, your completion of BBP will only appear on your registration history.


    Out of District Session Credit:  It is necessary that you upload your certificate to receive proper credit. Please follow the Instructions for Thrive

    Transfers on how to upload your certificate or other sufficient proof of completion. These will be approved as they are received.  

    Timeliness: Please forward all original sign-in sheets to April Nordstrom in the Professional Development office within a week of the workshop's occurrence.

    Depending on the time of year, these records should be updated within a week or so, but may take longer at the beginning of the school year as the new employees are added to Thrive first.