• Coach Thornton

    I received my Bachelor's Degree from Oklahoma State University and have been in education for the last 21 years. I am entering my third year back at Westmoore after spending the past 11 years at Tecumseh and Norman High Schools. I was previously here at Moore Public Schools for 6 years (Moore West Jr. High and Westmoore High School), and Wentworth Military Academy for 2 years.

    It is my goal that every student enrolled in this class will experience all the success possible and that each student will enjoy the learning experiences planned for this semester.

    I am available every morning before school in Room 115 to give extra help to any student who needs it.

     1st Hour     - Fundamentals of Technology

    2nd Hour    - Fundamentals of Technology

    3rd Hour     - Fundamentals of Technology

    4th Hour     - Lunch Supervision

    5th Hour     - Plan

    6th Hour     - Girls Basketball

    Link to Fundamentals of Technololgy Canvas:  https://mooreps.instructure.com/courses/77834

    Link to Girls Basketball Canvas:  https://mooreps.instructure.com/courses/70478