• Each teacher may use various technology tools for instruction, but the following are our official platforms for specific outcomes. Click on the large icons below to learn more about each one.


    Clever - SSO (Single Sign On) to "access all of their textbooks and learning programs"

    Canvas - LMS (Learning Management Systems) "where teachers can facilitate instruction, provide lessons, and manage a digital classroom"

    Infinite Campus - SIS (Student Information System) "official database of student information, including attendance and final semester grades"

    Seesaw - Supplemental PreK-5th elementary interactive digital portfolios that work very well with touch devices.

    Zoom - *Unofficial web meeting platform that our MPS teachers typically use to host virtual classes, parent conferences, and more. Teachers also have access to Microsoft Teams Meetings.


    For parents working with students on an iPad, here are updated instructions on accessing your students' learning platforms on an iPad.


  • Students will Use Clever to Access their

    Digital Learning Tools


    Here's a video explaining How to Sign into Clever.


    Clever provides access to digital learning tools