• When you find a new app or tech tool that you'd like to use with your students, you must first determine if it is safe to use. Some companies have poor security and put student data at risk! 

    To determine if your app is safe to use with your students, please follow the steps below:

    1. Is the app available in the Clever library? If so, you may add it to your Clever page and use it with your students.
    2. If the app is not in the Clever library, you need to review the TOS (Terms of Service) and determine what student data the company will need.
      1. If the students will not be required to login, and the vendor only asks for a basic name (not requring both first and last name), then you may use the app/tech tool.
      2. If the vendor does require student data, such as first/last name, email, etc. then you MUST get the vendor approved by the district first. To request that a vendor be district approved, you must submit an Incident IQ ticket.

    Click here to learn the steps for the NEW PROGRAM APPROVAL PROCESS.

    The apps below are district approved.


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  • These programs have been approved by the district - please reach out to the MPS EdTech Team with any questions you may have.


    You may also use any program that is in the Clever Library even if it is not in this Showcase.