•  SUPPLIES: Preferred writing utensil, 3-prong folder, paper, computer.  


    CLASS DESCRIPTION: The ability to read well will increase performance in all educational endeavors, as well as in everyday life. The main objective of my Reading class is to focus on reading comprehension, reading strategies, reading fluency, test-taking strategies, and vocabulary acquisition. We follow a weekly routine of activities using various student-interest topics. My focus is to build background knowledge while focusing on reading awareness. Students are given the opportunity to take ownership of the classroom and eventually will be leading classroom activities.


    READING REQUIREMENTS: The purpose of reading outside the class is to promote a positive attitude toward reading by reading for enjoyment, and to provide the practice needed to become a better reader.

    Students are encouraged to read 20 minutes a night at home.


    GRADING POLICY: Assignments will count as daily grades. Students have until Friday to turn in work for the week and not be counted late.

    Late assignments will be accepted at 10 pts off per day late. You have a week to turn in late work.

    It is the student’s responsibility to check Canvas for their missed assignments and complete in a timely manner.  

    Grading Scale:      Daily Assignments:  40%

                                              Tests, Quizzes, Projects:  50%

                                              Final/Semester Test: 10%


    CELL PHONE POLICY: Cell phones will remain in student’s backpacks unless warranted for use in the classroom.  Brink Junior High’s Cell Phone Policy will be followed.



    1st: Warning, Recorded 

    2nd: Parent Contact, Recorded

    3rd: Parent Contact and am/pm Detention; Recorded

    4th-5th:  Recorded

    6th +: Principal Notified; Recorded



     Respect for self.

     Respect for others.

     Respect for school. 

     Respect for teacher.


    MPS Student Handbook:  http://www.mooreschools.com/page/723