• Supplies: Preferred writing utensil, 3-prong folder, paper, composition notebook, laptop.   


    Class Objectives: The main objective of my Reading class is to focus on reading comprehension, reading strategies, reading fluency, test-taking strategies, and vocabulary acquisition. Students are encouraged to read 20 minutes a night at home.  


    Assignment & Grading Policy: The assignment Calendar is on the wall in the classroom and on Canvas. Students will have assignments, quizzes, etc. that are mostly on Canvas, and they will have work in the classroom. All grades in the Infinite Campus/Parent Portal App will be the full grade for the class. Assignments can be found in the modules on my Canvas Page (link below) by date. Assignments will count as daily grades. Students have until Friday to turn in work for the week and not be counted late. Late assignments will be accepted at 10 % off per day late. You have a week to turn in late work. You are responsible for inquiring about and completing all make-up work due to absences. According to district policy, you have one day for every day you have an excused absence to complete and turn in assignments you missed. 


    Grading Scale:     Daily Assignments:  40% 

                                              Tests, Quizzes, Projects:  50% 

                                              Final/Semester Test: 10% 


    Cell Phone Policy: Cell phones will remain in student’s backpacks from bell to bell. Brink Junior High’s Cell Phone Policy will be followed.  


    Behavior and Cell Phone/Wearable Smart Devices Discipline Procedures: 

    1st- Informal Conference: teacher/student discussion of the issue 

    2nd- Lunch Detention: 10 mins. served during lunchtime; parent contact 

    3rd- AM/PM Detention: 30 mins. AM/PM detention & parent contact 

    4th- Referral to Principal        

    5th- Formal conference with teacher/student/principal 


    Tardy Policy: 

    1st: Warning, Recorded  

    2nd: Parent Contact, Recorded 

    3rd: Parent Contact and am/pm Detention; Recorded 

    4th-5th:  Recorded 

    6th +: Principal Notified; Recorded 


    Classroom Expectations:            

     Respect for self. 

     Respect for others.  

     Respect for school.   

     Respect for teacher.  


    MPS Student Handbook:  http://www.mooreschools.com/page/723 

    Mrs. Perkins’ Canvas Page:   

    https://mooreps.instructure.com/courses/76195  7th grade 

    https://mooreps.instructure.com/courses/76240 8th grade