Meet Me at the Masquerade April 21st 8-Midnight at the Skirvin

Ticket Sales

  • Regular ticket sales will begin on Monday, March 20th and end on Wednesday, April 12th

    March 20th-31st: $45

    April 3rd- 12th: $50 ABSOLUTELY NO TICKET SALES AFTER THE 12th.

    Tickets can be purchased online through MyPaymentsPlus (see below) or with CASH ONLY in N211 or N212 before school, after school, or at lunch.


    Online Sales

    Online ticket sales require an in-person follow-up. Only current Southmoore juniors and seniors may purchase online. A ticket will not be considered sold and names will not be added to the guest list until the purchaser comes to N211 or N212 with a receipt of the online purchase (show the email or screenshot of the email) and their SOUTHMOORE ID. At this visit, you will be added to the official guest list and given your invitation.


    Tickets are registered under the name of the purchaser. They are non-transferrable. No refunds.




Guest Forms and Rules

  • Visit this page for a link to the guest forms (also available outside N212)

    Southmoore Guest Forms

    Guest forms can ONLY be purchased in person with a complete and approved guest form. Late guest forms will not be accepted. Digital guest forms will not be accepted. Bring this completed form and cash to N211 or N212 to purchase your ticket.

    Guest Rules

    - Sophomores are considered guests and can only attend with a SHS junior or senior.

    • These guests do not require a guest form, but must visit N211 or N212 with their SHS junior/senior date AND current SHS ID to purchase a ticket. NO FRESHMAN!

    - Guests who attend another high school may come to prom if they are in good standing at their school. See guest form for more information.

    • SHS student will come to N211 to N212 to purchase with their ID, completed guest form, and CASH ONLY. No online sales.

    - Guests who have already graduated may attend. They cannot be over 20 years of age and must be no more than one year graduated (Class of 2022). Students must have graduated (no dropouts).

    • SHS student will come to N211 to N212 to purchase with their ID, completed guest form, and CASH ONLY. No online sales.

Prom Dress Code

  • Masquerade masks are optional but encouraged. Masquerades masks cannot be worn at check-in as we must check your photo ID against our guest list.

    If you have additional questions, please see Ms. Whitebird (N212) or Mrs. Wiggs (N211) or email us: OR

    We reserve the right to remove you from prom for dress code violations as these regulations are listed on the website in detail.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Day-of Information


    The Santa Fe Parking Garage: 1 N E.K. Gaylord Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (location on the map on the next page)

    The cost is $10 per day or $2/hour. Southmoore and the Skirvin are NOT associated with this parking garage. Contact (405)400-1200 for more information.

    You may also opt to valet park with the Skirvin which costs $15. This is on a limited basis and is NOT associated with Southmoore High School. Call (405)272-3040 for more information. (location on the map below)



    If you are arriving at the prom on a party bus or limo, you must enter the venue from the West side of the Skirvin on Broadway Avenue (see map of the Skirvin below). Your bus will be loaded by administrators before you are allowed to enter prom.

    If you are arriving at the prom in a regular vehicle, you will enter through the main entrance of the Skirvin. The signage in the lobby will direct you to the main elevator where you will go to the second floor and head to the Grand Ballroom.


    Check In

    Upon arrival, you will check in with your photo ID (driver’s license OR student ID) at the check-in tables. Your mask cannot be worn at check in.

    Bags are not allowed unless they are clear and the contents are visible. You may check coats/clear bags/umbrellas at the coat closet.


    All student handbook regulations remain in place at the event. School administrators and resource officers will be on staff to handle situations in violation of the handbook.