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Parent Student Portal Support

If you need more information about how to setup a Parent Portal account, please watch the video below or open the PDF tutorial here: Parent Portal Instructions

*Spanish Translated Video Tutorial - A new window will open in


General information: The Portal can be accessed by parents and students .

Parents will see all children in their household, or students that are related through the Guardian checkbox of the Relationships tool. They can check grades and attendance, view calendars, find assignment details and do a variety of other tasks.

Students can also be given access to the Portal, but they will only be able to see their own information.

Step-parents who are not court appointed guardians with documentation on file at the school, will not be able to access their step children's information. Accounts can only be set up for natural parents or legal guardians. We apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding as we strive to provide instant access while protecting the privacy of all students.

Obtaining an Account You must show a photo ID at your child's school to receive an activation code and instructions.

Mobile Portal: student information via an app downloaded from the iTunes App Store, the Google Play App Store or the Amazon AppStore for Android.


Suggestions for Creating a Strong Password

Complex, tricky passwords are not always strong passwords and can be difficult to remember. For example, TheBr0wnC@t is a stronger password than !@#$%&() because TheBr0wnC@t uses a combination of character types and is long, whereas !@#$%&() uses only symbols and is short. A computer program can crack !@#$%^&() easier than it can crack TheBr0wnC@t. 

When creating a password, consider the following:

Forgot your Username/Password?

If you set an account security email use the "Forgot your password?" link found on the Campus Portal Sign In page. 


Visit your child’s school to show proof of I.D. and request your account be reset. 

Users who incorrectly log into their account multiple times will be required to enter a CAPTCHA each time they attempt to log in.  This prevents users from being locked out of their account after several failed login attempts and protects accounts from malicious bots and scripts. 

** CAPTCHA enforces case sensitivity for all letters EXCEPT: C, O, P, S, U, V, W, X, and Z**



  • Content - Use a short two or three word sentence as your password.
  • Length - Make your passwords long (8-10 characters minimum is usually sufficient).
  • Combination - Include letters, punctuation, symbols and numbers.
  • Uniqueness - Do not use your username or words found in the dictionary.