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High School Overview

Each day approximately 7,300 students attending Moore, Westmoore, and Southmoore High Schools participate in quality academic and extracurricular activities while experiencing a strong tradition of learning excellence. It is a tradition strengthened through strong collaboration among faculty, parents and students.
In addition to core curriculum courses, a wide variety of offerings include:  AP courses, electives and career/technology programs.  The curriculum is aligned to college entrance exams and requirements.
Positive and productive patron support has resulted in excellent learning facilities which house outstanding curriculum offerings that encourage academic achievement necessary for the future.  Recent bond initiatives have added buildings at all three high school campuses enhancing school climate while complementing student population growth.
Moore High School
300 N. Eastern
Moore, OK 73160
Phone: 405-735-4700
Westmoore High School
12613 S. Western
Oklahoma City, OK 73170
Phone: 405-735-4800
Southmoore High School
2901 S. Santa Fe
Moore, OK 73160
Phone: 405-735-4900