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  • Driver's License Documentation

    Information for obtaining driver license documentation:
    Pursuant to the provision of Section 6-107-3 of the Oklahoma statutes, any person under the age of eighteen (18) years wishing to apply for a driver license or permit shall demonstrate a satisfactory reading ability at the eighth grade reading level (unless the student is on an individualized education program and performing satisfactorily in reading according to the program). Public school students shall successfully complete the reading portion of the criterion-reference test (CRT) given in the eighth grade or an alternate test approved by the State Department of Education. Tests administered in the district are the Gates Mac-Ginitie Reading Test, the alternate form of the IOWA and the Test for Academic Proficiency.
    Public schools must give an alternative reading test four times per year to students who attend the public schools in their respective districts as well as to nonpublic school students. Testing is available at the Administration building on specific dates throughout the school year. Students must call the Secondary Reading Office (735-4265 or 735-4285) to make an appointment to take these tests.
    In addition to these tests, all eighth grade students are given the Gates and alternate IOWA during the school year in their reading class. All students who enroll from out of state must take an Oklahoma test for certification of proficiency. 
    Once a student has passed one of these tests, he/she may request a letter from Jeannie Tsoodle in the main office. The student must come in and fill in a form at least 24 hours prior to needing the letter. Mrs. Tsoodle will confirm student scores, student attendance at Brink, complete the proper paperwork, and obtain the proper signatures.    
    Officials may not be in the office during summer months, so students needing letters for summer testing must obtain these from Mrs. Tsoodle by June 1st.

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