Cell Phone Policy

  • Cell Phone Policy
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    All school organizations hold learning as a core value. It is imperative that school districts be sensitive to changes in technology and culture which increase the probability of student academic growth. Cell phones, widely used for communication, are now undisputed tools for learning. Moore Public Schools believes that this technology must be embraced if our students are to have access to the best resources. Naturally, cell phones possess functions which, if used inappropriately, can disrupt the learning environment and create the possibility for other problematic behavior. Ultimately, in a changing world, we must be willing to respond by embracing innovation but also limiting potential risks. Realizing the undeniable benefits, Moore Public Schools adopts the policy of acceptable cell phone usage at school while creating reasonable expectations for limits of use that do not provide a benefit to the school environment. Possession and use of a cell phone must fall within the guidelines found in the handbook.


     Cell phones are allowed in the halls and at lunch as long as they are not disrupting the learning inside the classroom. If there is a cell phone policy violation while in the classroom the following steps should be taken:

                   1st Offense                      Log in IC & Teacher Warning (cell phone picked up after class/school)


                 2nd Offense               Log in IC & Phone taken to office - Teacher email administrator to                                                                                          follow up (Stating 2nd offense) - Parent contact from Administration                                                                                    with warning of ISD on next offense

                   3rd Offense                   1 day ISD &/or loss of cell phone privileges

                 4th Offense                Complete loss of cell privileges











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