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    parentHow much money do I need to bring to schedule pick up?
    A maximum of $35. Students will purchase student ID, class t-shirt (optional), planner, parking decal, etc.

    Who can enroll in AP and Pre-AP courses?

    Anyone who chooses may enroll in AP and Pre-AP courses. We encourage all students to enroll in these courses to better prepare for post high school success. Visit the Gifted Website for more information.

    How do I know for sure if I live in the Southmoore district?
    Follow this link to the Moore Public Schools Website to view a district map.
    What programs will be offered at Southmoore?
    All programs that are offered at Moore High School and Westmoore High School graduatewill be offered the first year Southmoore is open.

    What is the status of seniors to be who live in the Southmoore area? Seniors will be allowed to attend Southmoore High School or stay at the high school they attended as a junior.

    busWill bus service be provided to Southmoore High School?

    The same rules apply to Southmoore students that apply to all students in the Moore school district. Any student who lives in the Southmoore area and lives outside a 1 ½ mile radius of the school will be offered the opportunity to ride a bus to school.

    Where do parents drop their students off if they bring them to school?

    The student drop off and pick up area is on the north side of the building. Use the north entrance.

    How will students know when summer practice begins for their activities?

    For activities that begin practice in the summer, listen to the announcements at each of their schools this spring for team meetings. Also, as these are reported, they will be posted on our home page.

    Where will varsity football games be played?

    Varsity football games will be played at the Moore stadium located at Moore High School.

    What athletic facilities are on the Southmoore campus?

    All activities in the gym are on campus. Varsity baseball and softball fields are on campus. Football, track and soccer have practice fields on campus.

    What special considerations are being given Ninth graders?
    1. Closed campus-they will not be allowed to leave at lunch time.
    2. Separate lunch period from the other grades.
    3. Core courses and a few electives will be offered in the same hall.
    4. Ninth grade hall is conveniently located near the Fine Arts area.

      ninth graders

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