IT Systems Overview

  • The software and information technology systems used at Moore Public Schools are chosen based on four criteria:
    • Impact - We chose software that will make the greatest impact towards the goals we want to achieve. 
    • Ease of Use - The software must be user-friendly, saving time and energy in it's use versus other methods.
    • Integration - We work hard to make sure our IT plays well with our computer and network environment.
    • Cost - We ensure that we are getting exactly what we need and is within our budget.
    MPS IT Server Room    

     Educational Technology
    • Destination Success Reading and Math Instruction and Assessment
    • Destiny Online Media Catalog Software
    • EdPlan - Special Education Software
    • NovaNet Courseware for Internet-based Instruction
    • Resassaince Place - Accelerated Reader software
    • Study Island web-based instruction and assessment software
    Finance and Personnel
    • Alio Finance and Alio Employee Portal
    • eSchool's Substitute system
    • eSchools Electronic Registrar Online (ERO) software 
    • Windows Server and Active Directory for User Management
    • Microsoft Exchange Email Server
    • IronPort Email Filter
    • Shelterbelt Web Filter
    • Quest
    • HelpSTAR help desk software
    Other Departments
    • Horizons for Child Nutrition
    • Versatrans for Transportation and Bus Route management