You are going to love this class!


    Tuesday, November 19 - Our First Concert Of The Year!!

    2019 2020 November Concert Program

    Beginner Band

    Wear dress clothes! No jeans/tennis shoes/tshirts/hoodies please. If you need help with clothing I am happy to help, but I must know by November 12.

    6:10pm – Arrive at Highland East. Parking will be difficult. Come through the Bandroom Door 8.

    Get your horn out of the case. Get your music. Go to new gym.

    6:15 – We will start the concert warmup.

    6:30 – Concert begins! We will play several songs from our book.

    At the end of our concert, your parents will perform “Go” – please teach them on your own at home!

    7:00 – Concert is over!


    I know you will play well…..the sign of a great concert and a great group of musicians is what happens before and after the performance. No drama please! Be on time and take care of business!



    What if I can't afford an instrument?
      See me. I have ways to work around that!
    What if I want to play percussion?
      There will be auditions for percussion the first week of school. I will ask your 6th grade music teacher for a recommendation. Our percussion instructor will conduct auditions and choose the section. There may be anywhere from 5-9 in the section. Piano background is recommended but not required. YouTube can teach you some basic beginning piano things!
    What if I want to play French Horn or Saxophone?
      For French Horn, we start on trumpet. For Saxophone, we start on clarinet. Usually the section is chosen around Christmas break so students can have a couple of weeks to practice their new instrument before second semester begins. Good grades are a must!
    What if I also play football (or any other activity)?
      No problem! We have lots of kids that play football or basketball or cheerleading or volleyball AND are also in band. We want you to be able to do all the things that interest you. 
    Are there concerts or other outside-of-class activities?
      Beginner band will have three concerts for the year. Otherwise there are no band activities outside of beginner band class.....except you practicing every day!
    Can we take our horns home?
      Yes! Daily practice will make you very successful as a musician. And you will love it too! 
    What book do we need for band?
      It's called "Traditions of Excellence" and each instrument has a specific book so make sure to get the one for your instrument. They are available at the music stores or online. They are around $11 each. We use this book every day in class.
    What is the best way to communicate with the band director?
      Email - angietaylor@mooreschools.com
      I also send out "Remind" announcements. To sign up for the Beginner Band Remind, please text the message:   @hejh7    to this number:   81010
    If you are worried about getting an instrument, please don't! We can help!
    Extra supplies:
    Eventually beginner band students will need a one inch three ring binder that is to be used only for band class. This will be needed around mid-September. 
    Students and parents are welcome to sign up for "Remind" message updates but it is not required. Messages are sent 1-2 times per week or less. There is no reply or chat with these accounts.
    To sign up for the Beginner Band Remind, please text the message:  @hejh7    to this number:  81010
    To sign up for the Advanced Band Remind, please text the message:  @hejh8   to this number:  81010
    More information about the Remind app is available at: