Reading  Extra Credit
    Choose a book from the following genre:
    • 1st 9 weeks:  Non fiction
    • 2nd 9 weeks:  Historical Fiction
    • 3rd 9 weeks:  Mystery
    • 4th 9 weeks:  You may choose to do all three!
    • Take an AR test after you have completed reading the book.  If you score 85 or higher, you receive 25 extra credit points.  (5 books maximum)
    • Please note that students can only complete this extra credit after they have made their AR goal.

    Free Rice!

    If you go to Freerice.com and play to 500 grains of rice-- I will give you 5 points on a quiz or test.  Print out the page with the bowl showing your score, save it in your reading folder and attach it to the next quiz or test.  If you are unable to print, a dated, signed note from your parent/guardian will be accepted.  Maximum of 2 freerice extra credit per 9 weeks per subject.  Learn, have fun, and help others in need at freerice.com! 

    Story Cube
    Choose a book that you have passed an AR test over & complete a story cube.
    1.       Click here to print a story cube template.
    2.       Fill out each side of the cube with the following:  

                      *title and author
                      *setting (time and place the book takes place in)
                      *main characters
                      *plot (main idea/point of book)
                      *favorite part
                      *your class code and date (bottom cube)

    The cube needs to be neatly written and decorated.  Color each side and add your own style.  Illustrations are encouraged!


    I give extra credit weekly for working on Lexia 100 minutes per week.  This equals about 20 minutes a day.  Your child is on Lexia every Monday in computer lab and can get on Lexia during free time during school as well.