3 - Gradebook Employee ID #

Infinite Campus is the student information system where attendance, grades, transcripts, and other student records are housed. You can access IC from any computer. Access IC at campus.mooreschools.com or from the district website under "For Our Staff."

3rd Step - Infinite Campus (IC): [Username: 6 Digit Employee ID# | Default Password: moore1920] 

After signing in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password and enter an email for account recovery in case you forget your password. Change your password to match your district password and enter your district email address for account recovery. 


Once you're ready to dive into Infinite Campus and set up your gradebook, the links below, as well as your site IC Coach, will be helpful. 

Teacher Training

Taking Attendance with a Roster

Taking Attendance with a Seating Chart

Submitting a Behavior Referral

Messaging Students and Guardians

Adding an Assignment in Gradebook

2nd-12th grades: Posting Grades

How to Input Transfer Grades into IC

Posting Odysseyware Grades into IC


Here are a few of the videos we’ve created:

PK-1st grades: Posting Grades

Syncing Your OneDrive Files to your Windows 10 Teacher Computer

PK-1st grades: Backing up your Grades

2nd-12th grades: Backing up your Grades


Campus Gradebook


            Gradebook Setup 




         Copying assignments from previous year to current year

            Copying Assignments 



            Reports Roster: Blank spreadsheets, portal usage and labels 

            Grade Reports - Backup, Student Summary

            When Does a Student Receive "No Credit" NC


       Parent Communication

            Email parents of students with missing assignments 

            Emailing parent of students failing or near failing 


       Standards Gradebook Instructions

       Pre-K Report Card DRAFT

       Kindergarten Report Card DRAFT

       First Grade Report Card DRAFT