Jenny Statler Vice President - District 5

Jenny Statler and her husband have established themselves in Moore Public Schools, both graduating from Westmoore High School, and now their two children (3rd and 7th grade) attend school in MPS. After graduating from UCO in 2007 with a degree in Corporate communications, she worked in Hotel Sales for 14 years and is currently the Director of Catering for the Embassy Suites Downtown OKC. Over the last decade she found time to serve as PTA President at her children's elementary school, serve as a member for the Moore Public Schools Foundation Board, and reads to elementary classes around Lunar New Year to teach about Vietnamese customs each year. Ms. Statler is the first person of Asian descent to sit on the Moore Public Schools Board of Education, and her vision for education in this community is simple and powerful, fair and equal education for all students.

Jenny Statler represents Moore Public Schools District 5.

Term: 2020-2025

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