Teaching with Devices Devices You Might Use in the Classroom

Below you will find information and guidelines on some of the devices you may be using with your students in your classroom.


About the Dell 3100 Chromebook


About the Dell 3190 Laptop


Webcam Microphone Settings for Zoom


How to use the Newline Interactive Board


SMART Board Basics

SMART Notebook software is not required for you to use your SMART Board. However, if you want the software, you will have to sign up for the free SMART Notebook Basic version download and have your site tech help you install it to your school computer.


SMART Ink Quick Reference Guide


SMART Board Tips

LED on right side of board will tell you the status of the board.

Solid Green –  Connected to computer working correctly.

Blinking green- computer is asleep/ smart services have stopped. (can happen after windows updates)  Click tool box arrow ^ to expand icons, click blue disk- smart setting – use the wizard tool to restart touch service.

Amber- No software on smart board (very rare)

Red – Needs  a USB reset at the wall plate and at the computer. Unplug the USB cord and plug it back in. If it stays red after, there mayb be a bad USB extender in the ceiling.

Pens not working with a green light- a Smart drivers update might be needed. The newest version is 12.18 released Sept 16th

This is the link for the newest drivers. Your site tech will need so use Admin credentials to install it if needed.  https://support.smarttech.com/docs/software/product-drivers-ink/12-5/en/downloads/drink-windows-download.cshtml

Touchscreen not working - Check the USB cord. It may need a USB reset at the wall plate and at the computer. Unplug the USB cord and plug it back in both locations. If it stays red after, there mayb be a bad USB extender in the ceiling.


Projector Tips

Lamp Bulb Life - Lamp bulbs are expensive. Please turn projectors off when you are not using them to keep the usage hours down on the lamps. Turning them on and off throughout the day as needed will not harm the projectors. They are made to warm and cool the lamp as needed.

Projector colors – Getting odd colors, Red, green or blue missing?

Usually this is a VGA issue. Check each end to see if it is loose at the wall plate and behind the computer. Some run through a Document camera, so check there as well. Tighten the 2 screws on the cable.


3rd-6th grade Teacher Instructions for submitting Incident IQ ticket for student devices

All 3rd - 6th Grade Teachers

  1. Login into Incident IQ.
  2. On the top list of headers please select the blue + New Ticket Button.
  3. Please note, step 3 is for 4th grade only. Please edit the requestor.
    1. On the Ticket creation timeline, select Edit Requestor under your name.
    2. Search the correct user by entering the responsible Student's ID number and select the student.
  4. Under the "What is this ticket about?".
    1. Select the Computers & Electronics Option.
  5. Enter 6-digit Asset Tag (found on the bottom of the computer).
  6. Select the device under the Search Results.
  7. Under the Categories, select the appropriate category/issue.
  8. Under "Describe the Issue" please explain the issue. Include Student Name and Student ID # and detail the issue.
  9. Under Room, please select the room where the Asset is located.

Who is responsible for submitting the ticket on behalf of students?

While any certified staff/paraprofessional/support staff can submit a ticket "On behalf of" the student, the preferred method is the Homeroom teacher submit the ticket.

Why do we not need to edit the requestor for 3, 5, or 6 graders?

-Grade 3 is not true 1:1 therefore you do not need to edit the requestor.

-Grades 5 and 6 devices are assigned to the student and when you enter the asset tag it will automatically edit the requestor, so manual edit is not necessary.


The following are recommended guidelines and procedures for those who are in charge of a cart of devices:  


Guidelines and Procedures for Chromebook Carts 


Guidelines and Procedures for laptops 

Finding Out Who a Device Belongs To

Resetting a Dell 3190 MPS Laptop


Guidelines and Procedures for iPads

  1. Kindergarten-2nd grade: Each cart should have 15 iPads
    1. If you do not have 15 iPads, either we did not received the requested form from last year, or the form was missing needed information.
    2. The iPads are NOT the exact iPads that originally came from your room. However, these ipads have all been restored and set up the same way as your other classroom iPads minus some apps.
    3. Also, do not request to have a cable replaced in your Ipads cart unless you have 2 or more broken cables. Please take care of the cords in your ipad carts. It is not easy for us to get replacement cables for the carts.
  2. You will notice that your iPads have fewer apps. We had to do some app housecleaning. The abundance of apps caused some iPads to malfunction and make it impossible to push other apps or updates.
    1. Your iPads should have apps like Clever, Seesaw, Zoom, etc.
    2. Going forward, we are going to be pushing less apps to ensure the efficiency of the iPad. Also, for the next few weeks pushing apps is going to take us a little longer than usual, as we are finishing MVA deployment and cleaning up our management system.
  3. Lastly, the T-Mobile service has expired. The T-Mobile iPads will only connect to Wifi now. While the cellular may show connection, the service has ended and access to the internet not permitted. I would recommend going into the settings app and turning “Cellular Data” off.

Updates from 9/24/2021

  1. If you are requesting apps to be pushed out to your Ipads, it is necessary to include the asset tags of the Ipads you want the apps on. I have received a lot of tickets asking for app that do not include the asset tags of your ipads. It makes it easier on me to get the app on every ipad in your classroom if I have the asset tags. I am attaching a document that goes through the steps for requesting an app (Apple Volume Purchasing Program UPDATE).
  2. I have made a few apps available in self service for you to download yourself on your ipads. This includes most of the OSMO apps and IXL. I have attached instructions on how to download apps from Self-Service if you do not know how to. Please do not put a ticket asking for the OSMO or IXL apps unless the specific app is not showing up in Self-Service.
  3. If your Ipad is not connecting to MPS_One please follow these steps. I am also attaching a video of myself going through these steps. Please try these steps before submitting a ticket. 9 out of 10 times this will fix the issue. It may take a couple tries to get MPS_One to ask for a username and password.
    1. Go into Settings and go to Wifi.
    2. When you get to wifi if the network “MPS_One” is just spinning or gives the message “No Internet Connection” what you want to do is turn Wifi off and then back on. (You may have to turn wifi off and back on MULTIPLE times to get MPS_One to show up in “My Networks”)
    3. After turning Wifi off and back on the network “MPS_One” should appear in a section called My Networks. Click on it and it should come up and ask for a username and password.
    4. If the username has a username in it already (Ex. Apple_SSID) delete that and then enter your credentials.
    5. Example in the Username I would enter garrettgrive and in the password I would enter the password I use to log into a computer.
    6. At that point it should log into the wifi and you will have internet.
  4. Lastly, If you have any carts that are not in use or if you have a classroom that has multiple T-Mobile carts and Ipads in it, PLEASE let me know. We have some sites who need Ipads and carts to fill additional teacher hires. I will be randomly checking schools throughout the year and if I see a room with multiple carts or a non K-2 room with an Ipad cart I will be removing it from the site. These Ipads and carts are ONLY for K-2 classes.

Please review all the documents below, as some of the processes have changed over the past year. These documents will also answer a lot of questions you may have concerning your iPads.

Getting Started with iPads

Apple Repair with APPLE CARE

Apple Repair without APPLE CARE

Apple App Volume Purchasing Program

Self-Service App Instructions

Moving/Requesting iPad Carts

If you are planning to make a purchase for your building, please visit the Technology Purchases webpage to view information about district approved devices.