Teaching with Devices Devices You Might Use in the Classroom

Please visit the Technology Purchases webpage to view information about district approved devices if you are considering making a purchase for your building. 


Carts that are managed by the Media Center (meant to be available for teachers to check out) can be set up on a Room/Equipment Reservation Calendar through Outlook.

If you are interested in using a Room/Equipment Reservation Calendar through Outlook, please submit an Incident IQ ticket


It is recommened that Early Childhood teachers share iPads with upper elementary teachers in their buildings.

Here is a chart that you can print out and tape to the side of the cart/box/tray to keep track of who has borrowed the iPads from your classroom: iPad Checkout Chart for Early Childhood iPad Carts


The following are recommended guidelines and procedures for those who are in charge of a cart of devices: 

Guidelines and Procedures for iPads 

We have had an issue with iPads connecting to MPS_One. The issue was due to a certificate error on one of the servers which has since been resolved. Read below for next steps if you are still unable to connect.

T-Mobile iPads- Power the iPads off and back on (yes again 😊) and they should connect. If they still do not connect after restarting, keep reading…

    1. Is Mps_One aksing for a password for username Apple_ssid? Go to settings-general-reset-reset network settings … If it still asks for a password put in a ticket with the asset tag of the iPad.
    2. Is Mps_One asking for both the Username and Password? Put in yours or a students username and password and connect to the network. After you connect, it will take a couple minutes but the new Mps_One profile will load and you will be good to go. You will know when it is good to go by clicking on the blue i next to MPS_One and you should see “Join This Network” and no longer see the “Forget This Network” option. Once you see ONLY the “Join This Network” option, it means it has signed you/student out and has accepted the new profile. If “Forget This Network” doesn’t go away after a few minutes, put in a ticket with the iPad asset tag.

ALL OTHER IPADS NOT TMOBILE…Follow 1b above to connect to the network. Keep in mind you can have students assist if you have several iPads.


Guidelines and Procedures for Chromebooks 


Guidelines and Procedures for laptops 

Finding Out Who a Device Belongs To

Resetting a MPS Laptop


Google VR Expeditions Instructions


Webcam Microphone Settings for Zoom