Office 365 Suite Microsoft Apps

Follow these steps to download your free copies of the Microsoft Suite! You are allowed to download and use 5 free suites of Microsoft products on your personal devices – per student!

1. Type into your web browser’s address bar OR select the Office 365 global icon from the flyout menu or Moore Resources section on any MPS website.
2. Have your student login using his/her email and password
3. When you are on the main Office 365 page, you will see “Install Office” at the top right.
4. During the installation process, be sure to UNCHECK the box next to "Allow my organization to manage my device". If you leave this box checked, the device and web filtering will be managed by Moore Public Schools. To remove your device from district management, please email the home computer name and your contact info to: You can find your device name in SETTINGS/ABOUT.


  • OneDrive - OneDrive is where you can store, and share work file.  (similar to Google Drive)