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Student Data Compliance: (Fully complies with the data privacy requirements of MPS)


Lexia Core5 Reading

Rosetta Stone


Independent, Student-Driven Learning
Students have individualized learning paths and are motivated by
their own success.

Assessment Without Testing
Information about student performance is easy to access and simple
to interpret.

Resources for Instruction & Practice
Teachers have the resources they need to provide direct
instruction and intervention.

Lexia Device Requirements:

Lexia Core 5 (Android not supported):
iPad Version •iPad 4+, iPad Mini 3+, iPad Air+, iPad Pro (iOS 10+)
• 1.9 GB storage space (1.65 GB for initial download)
• Persistent Internet connection (minimal bandwidth is used)

Lexia Power Up (Android mobile operating systems and Touchscreen not supported.):
• iPad 3+, iPad Mini 3+, iPad Air+, iPad Pro (iOS 10 and higher)
• 1 GB storage space (50 MB for initial download) Not Supported iOS 9.x

Lexia Strategies:
iPad 2+, iPad Mini 3+, iPad Air+, iPad Pro (iOS 9 and higher)
• 160 MB storage space (240 MB for initial download)
• Android 4 and above • Screen size 7 inches or greater • 300 MB storage space • * Android support is limited to these devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Google Pixel C and Google Nexus 7” (2012 and 2013) and 10”. The tablet must be able to access the Google Play Store; for this reason, Kindles cannot use the Strategies app for Android

Not Supported:
Android mobile operating systems

Lexia Device Requirements

  • level dashboard