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Imagine Language and Literacy

Imagine Learning


Imagine literacy that enables the Language of Learning in every student. Personalized literacy and language curriculum for grades PreK–6.
Our portfolio of digital literacy programs is designed to help students in grades PreK to 8 read, write, speak, and understand the language of learning. We recognize that all students are academic English learners.
Powered by the Imagine Learning Language Advantage™, our programs teach the skills that are critical to achieving reading proficiency and academic success. By mastering these essential reading and language skills, students can accelerate their rate of learning across all subject areas. 
High-interest texts, game-like activities, and fun instructional videos motivate today’s students.
Adaptive instruction, multidisciplinary content, and real-world connections make learning meaningful and relevant.
Students learn to read grade-level texts independently and communicate ideas effectively.
Help students achieve reading and language proficiency, and build teacher capacity to deliver the instruction each student needs.

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