Wendy Argenbright Curriculum Technology Specialist

Wendy may be from Texas, but we still like her! She graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 1998. She worked in the Semiconductor Industry for 10 years before taking time off to raise her 4 children with her husband, Ethan. With 4 kids in the Moore Public School system, it sounded like a good idea to work in the same school her kids attended. While teaching 6th grade Math at Sky Ranch Elementary she took on the extra duty of site-tech. It was there that her engineering background got plenty of use. Solving problems and finding solutions has always been fun for her. When she moved to Westmoore High School she taught Pre-Calculus, Pre-AP Geometry, Geometry and Intermediate Algebra. She enjoyed using her work experience to show real world examples of the math she taught in the classroom. She also loves to find non-traditional careers that pique her students’ interests and gives them goals to look forward to!

After taking on the role of Educational Technology Tech at Westmoore, she found her true passion. She is set to receive her Master’s in Educational Technology from the University of Texas this August and is very excited to see what new adventures await. After 6 years in the classroom she was hired as Curriculum Technology Specialist for Westmoore and Feeder schools. During the summer of 2020 she has faced distance learning, CANVAS training and pandemics before the school year has even begun. She loves a challenge! Her goal as CTS for Westmoore is to ensure that whether we are in a classroom or remote learning, teachers and students have the support and training they need to continue to be successful. There will be lots of challenges and each one will need a new and unique solution, all while keeping things as fluid and familiar to the students as we can. One thing you will often hear her say is “I’ll see what I can do”. There isn’t always an easy solution, but she won’t quit until she finds it.