Why is the district issuing laptops to high school students?

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Like every decision made by the district, the move to a 1:1 student to device ratio is motivated by our desire to increase student achievement and prepare students to excel in the various paths they will pursue after graduation. This initiative is one strand in a comprehensive plan to ensure that our students have the knowledge and skills to adapt to quickly changing academic landscapes and compete in job markets that demand digital savvy and technological know-how.


 A 1:1 environment will mean a significant shift in the ways teachers and students instruct and learn. A MPSONE teacher certification program that will include classroom management best practices and technology integration strategies, in conjunction with student trainings and Parent Universities that cover internet safety and digital citizenship, will help ensure a smooth transition.


Students’ laptops will serve as tools that enable them to collaborate with teachers and peers; access, evaluate, and organize unprecedented amounts of information; communicate with the world; and apply the knowledge they construct in the classroom to the creation and publication of academic projects and ideas.