Math Ready 2020-21

Westmoore High School


Instructor: Ms. Kacia Sandburg          



Phone:  405-735-4800 (main office)


Course Description:  SREB Math Ready is an elective course focused on 52 key readiness standards and 10 process readiness indicators needed for students to be ready to undertake postsecondary academic or career preparation in non-STEM fields or majors.  The course addresses standards throughout high school (and earlier), including Alg I, Stats and Geometry, and Alg II standards agreed as essential college and career-readiness standards for most students.  While this course covers the basics in math practices and reviews the procedural steps needed to be successful in math, it is designed to teach in a new, engaging way based heavily on discovery, discussion and conceptual learning.


Course Outline:

Unit 1:  Algebraic Expressions 

Unit 2:  Equations   

Unit 3:  Measurement and Proportional Reasoning   

Unit 4:  Linear Functions                                     

Unit 5:  Linear Systems of Equations                                                     

Unit 6:  Quadratic Functions

Unit 7:  Exponential Functions

Unit 8:  Summarizing and Interpreting Statistical Data



Required Materials:     

School ID           Pencil              3 ring Binder (1 in)


Technology: Students will not have access to class calculators this year. We highly encourage students to get a TI-30 multiview calculator.


Resources/Textbook: Students will often work from the Math Ready Student Manual v3.

An online version can be found on my website (WHS homepage – Our staff – Colleen Fitzgerald – Math Ready). Also, all tasks will be posted in Canvas.



Grading Policy: Your grade will be based on daily participation and completion of in-class

activities, assignments & assessments (formative & summative).  Every student’s goal should be to complete each unit with an 85% or better. 

***SREB has seen ACT math scores increase up to 8 points for students that complete each unit with integrity.***



Assessments: Formative assessments will be used in this class to monitor learning and

address misunderstandings.  Students will work both in groups and individually

during class activities.  There will be no semester exam for this elective course.


Absent Policy:  If you are not in the room when the bell rings, you are tardy.     

2 tardies = 1 unexcused absence.  11 unexcused absences results in an NC for the course.  Hall passes will be issued for emergencies only.  Students are encouraged to take care of business between classes. Bring your materials to class everyday and be ready to work. 


Make-up Work Policy:  You are responsible to find out what we did in class during your absence as soon as you return.  Please get work ahead of time if you know you will be absent.

There are many group/partner activities in this course that cannot be replicated by an individual.  If you miss a group/partner activity, the work given to replace the activity may have a higher difficulty level.  (So, it is in your best interest to have as few absences as possible!)