MPS JOM 2022 Seniors Honored at Banquet

JOM 2022 Senior Banquet
JOM 2022 Senior Banquet

MPS JOM Senior Banquet 2022

MOORE, Okla. (April 7, 2022) -- Moore Public Schools seniors involved in the Johnson O'Malley (JOM) program for Native American students were honored Friday evening during their Senior Banquet held at Emmaus Baptist Church.

The MPS Native American Education program is funded by Title VI and JOM grants that help support the 140+ Native students graduating this year. The Master of Ceremonies was Courtney Yarholar, who is Sac & Fox and father to MPS students Jude and Nora Yarholar. He is a mental health professional specializing in children, youth, family services and systems development. His interest is to decrease suicide among young people and eliminate behavioral health disparities among American Indian tribal communities. He currently works as the Director of Organizational Development with the Native Services Unit of the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Also in attendance was guest speaker Christian Wassana, who is Cheyenne and Arapaho and is the creator of the motivational movement, "I Am, I Can, I Will." He graduates from The University of Oklahoma in May with a bachelor's degree in business. His movement and message have allowed him to travel the world and speak to thousands of different nationalities and backgrounds. He wants to see all people succeed and become the best versions of themselves. 

Westmoore High School junior Madison Switch-Fixico, who is a member of the Iowa Tribe, shared a beautiful Hoop Dance at the Banquet.  Cheryl Anquoe, owner of Ahpalohm, provided photography for the evening. She is a former JOM Princess and is a member of the MPS JOM Dance Troupe. Presentation of the stoles for graduates was done by  JOM Princess Kennedy Fridia.

2022 JOM Graduates

Danielle Acre-SHS-MCN

Draven Acre-SMH-MCN

Alexia Adame-MHS-IW

Reagan Aduddell-WHS-MCN

Andrew Allensworth-WHS-CHO

Kalie Amos-WHS-MCN

Eli Anderson-MHS-CH

Dakota Ashlock-MHS-CH

Martavion Austin-WHS-CO

James Ballard-SHS-KAW

Vivianna Bautista-WHS-CHA

Maecie Bender-WHS-AS

Payton Boon-WHS-NA

Callum Borden-WHS-CHO

Colette Borden-WHS-CHO

Samuel Boyd-SHS-CHI

Gracie Bradley-MHS-MCN

Jennifer Brown-SHS-CHO

Trent Buckles-MHS-CPN

Desiree Butler-MHS-CHO

Tristan Callison-WHS-SN

Reese Cantrell-SHS-CHO

Kieran Cassady-WHS-CHO

Carlos Cervantes-WHS-WT

Isabella Chavez-WHS-KIO

Kaitlynn Cody-WHS-SN

Garrett Coker-MHS-CHO

Chace Cook-MHS-OS

Caydence Cooper-WHS-CA

Jackson Crawford-SHS-CHI

Luke Cully-MHS-SN

Cody Cunniff-WHS-CH

Terran Danenberger-WHS-CHI

Brianna Davis-MHS-CH

Mariah Deere-MHS-MCN

Cameron Doucet-MHS-DEL

Talmas Ellis-MHS-CHI

Sydnee Estrada-WHS-CH

Mario Ewing-WHS-CHI

Claire Flores-WHS-CH

Joseph Ford-SHS-CHO

Grant Franklin-SHS-CHO

Kadin Franklin-SHS-MCN

Faryn Glass-WHS-MCN

Taylor Gleim-SHS-CHO

Elyse Gomez-MHS-MCN

Kortney Griffith-MHS-CHO

Julia Gunter-WHS-CH

Ryleigh Gwin-SHS-CO

Emily Hale-MHS-CPN

Lane Hamm-WHS-SN

Rejond Hayes-MHS-MCN

Hope Helm-MHS-CHO

Jacob Herndon-WHS-CHO

Reed Hixon-WHS-CHI

William Hodgson-WHS-CPN

Cameron Holland-MHS-CH

Mandie Howry-WHS-CO

Brooklynn Huffer-WHS-CO

Kaydron Hutchins-SHS-CHA

Rece Irvin-WHS-SN

Nathan Johnson-MHS-CHO

Alicia Kelley-SHS-CHO

Jeray Kerford-SHS-CHI

Devian King-WHS-CHI

Bradley Kokendoffer-WHS-CHO

Adam Landon-WHS-CHI

Matthew Lawler-MHS-CHI

Andrea Lay-MHS-CHI

Larry Lindsey-WHS-SN

Trey Lindsey-WHS-MCN

Cayden Lumry-WHS-CPN

Miyana Lusk-WHS-CHO

Lorenzo Machado-MHS-MI

Presley Main-SHS-CH

Brinly Maples-SHS-SN

Sara Mattingly-MHS-CHO

Kaden McBride-SHS-CPN

Kain McCallie-MHS-CH

Shaylee McCandless-SHS-CHI

Ciera McCrae-SHS-CHO

Donovan McGilberry-WHS-CHO

Colin McKinney-SHS-CHO

Carson Meek-MHS-CHO

Sara Mercer-SHS-CA

Jacob Mohow-SHS-CHI

Nicole Moore-SHS-OM

Adino Morgan-MHS-CH

Christin Newman-WHS-CHO

Phillip Nguyen-MHS-OM

Mykayla Owens-WHS-SN

Jay Parks-SHS-CO

Bradley Phillips-MHS-CHI

Abigail Potts-MHS-CHI

Blake Presley-SHS-CHI

Isaiah Pursley-WHS-CHA

Abby Ray-WHS-CHO

Andrew Reiter-WHS-CH

Kylie Reynolds-SHS-CH

Anastasia Rodriguez-WHS-CH

Dakota Rodriguez-MHS-KP

McClain Rogers-SHS-CH

Isaac Romero-MHS-AS

Isaiah Romero-MHS-AS

Avery Rose-WHS-CHI

Nathan Russell-MHS-CHA

Hannah Sanders-MHS-CHO

Jaxson Slemp-WHS-CHI

Jordan Smith-MHS-MCN

Able Smith-SHS-MC

Christopher Smith-SHS-SRPIMC

Jaiden Smith-WHS-MC

Hailey Southerland-SHS-CHO

Shaylin Spear-MHS-CPN

Gracie St Hilaire-MHS-CHO

Camy Stark-SHS-CHO

Soren Stevens-WHS-CHO

Wyatt Stull-MHS-CH

Logan Summers-WHS-MSN

Lucas Talkington-WHS-CH

Logan Tate-WHS-CHI

Keith Thompson-WHS-CHO

Joseph Tiger-SHS-CA

Landon Valenzuela-SHS-CPN

Starla Wade-SHS-CHI

Lainie Walker-WHS-CHO


Maggie Washington-SHS-CHI

Trentin Weese-SHS-CHO

Kaleb Welsh-WHS-CHO

Rashawn Whiteskunk-SHS-CHA

Matthew Williams-MHS-CH

Jaylea Wilson-MHS-CHI

Jayden Wilson-SHS-CHO

Braden Winner-MHS-MCN

Kiah Wood-MHS-SN