MPS Recognizes National School Psychology Week, Nov. 7-11

MOORE, Okla. (Nov. 3, 2022) — Moore Public Schools and its School Psychology Resource Specialists recognize Nov. 7-11 as National School Psychology Week with the theme set by the National Association of School Psychologists being, “Together We Shine.”  

MPS Psychology Resource Specialist Kayla Boevers is one of the 18 team members who serve the 35 schools in the MPS district. She said a school psychologist is an integral part of a school’s team and they are a necessary resource for students, their teachers and their families to find success.

“We can help teachers think and reach students where they are in a different way. Our expertise is in human behavior, so after learning a student’s background, we’re able to assist teachers by providing resources or alternate processes to help them aid their students in classroom success,” said Boevers.

MPS Psychology Resource Specialist Amy Boecker said, “Teachers build deep relationships with their students every day when 

they are together whether that is in an elementary or a secondary setting, and so it can be interesting hearing from an outside resource on strategies to work with an individual student. The great thing is that we know we are a total team working toward the best outcomes for our students.”

Boecker said when a school psychologist engages, it will be with a team that includes the student, their family, the school counselor, and administrators and it will include the special education team members if there is an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in place. The school psychologist can administer assessments and testing when requested by school personnel to determine challenges that might hinder a student from excelling or performing in the classroom. They then work with special education team members to develop the best course of action to assist a student and their family.

The beginning work that school psychologists perform can be felt in the overall management of a classroom, as their expertis

e is focused on childhood and adolescent behavior, processing, and on mental and emotional health. Their review and advice allow teachers to remain focused on instruction, knowing they have a supporting team of experts available to help them if challenges arise with a student.

The National Association of School Psychologists notes that after several challenging years, students, educators, families and school psychologists faced difficulties created by the pandemic, social injustice and inequity, economic stress and challenges to mental and physic

al health. For some, it has been a time of darkness, but finding the light is critical to building resilience and hope.

NASP continues that this year's NSPW theme highlights the importance of the collective nature of recovering after adversity. Their website states, “Together we shine brightly and each of our lights is only more brightly illuminating when put together with the lights of those around us. Though each student and adult in school has their own individual ways of shining their strengths and skills of resilience, school psychologists are uniquely trained to support the systems and structures that make it more possible for all stakeholders to shine more brilliantly together.”

To learn more about school psychologists in Oklahoma schools, visit Visit the National Association of School Psychologists at