EdTech Teacher Tools


I hope this week has proven to “get better” than the previous. That’s how it usually goes each year; although we in this department and departments across the District plan meticulously to get each teacher and student everything needed to be successful from DAY 1…things happen. The textbooks may be delayed, the devices might not connect, your account lets you into one program but not the other. It’s frustrating for everyone. You all should know this does weigh on the EdTech Team and everyone that serves you and the students, from Technology to Curriculum to Student Services and your building administration, and we are doing our best and seeing progress every day. So thank you for your patience and doing whatever it took to make these first 12 days of school the best they could be despite the hurdles many of you and your students had to overcome. You. Are. Amazing!


Speaking of, check out these stats:

  • 22,000 students logged into digital programs over 600,000 times since school started.
  • Canvas page views for this term (the last 12 days)…wait for it…15,817,254…yeah almost 16 MILLION views of your assignments, files, quizzes, pages, and all the great stuff you’re doing in Canvas.


So if you’re a teacher that maybe isn’t quite there yet, still a little hesitant about “all this tech stuff” please remember we have many resources for you. This includes the Teacher Tools EdTech page, which is the feature of this week’s YouTube EdTech Tip of the Week. Emily Monroe, District EdTech Specialist, provides highlights and a detailed tour through all the resources you can access at your own pace, when you are ready to take your tech integration to the next level or if you’ve just forgotten how to do something you did that one time last year. 😉

*Also, if you have any new teachers that come into your building, please share this video with them along with the New Teacher Resources webpage to get them setup with everything they’ll need.



As always, reach out to your EdTech Specialist (or CTS at secondary sites) if you need anything from us!