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EdTech Update
Remember to encourage our MPS:1 device students that take devices home (5th-12th) to purchase the Device Protection Plan (DPP) so any accidental damage and verified theft can be covered for repair/replacement cost. 
Please note that the DPP does NOT cover the charging cord. If a family needs to replace a charging cord, they must purchase an OEM replacement (not knock-off "Amazon Choice" brand). 
All the MPS:1 DDP information and link to order new charging cords can be found at
CANVAS 1on1 Coaching Sessions lead by a Canvas Specialists (not MPS EdTech Specialist). This is a great service they are providing our district, so please take advantage! Schedule during your plan or after school at your convenience:


Tip of the Week!
You probably knew Clever was the "portal" to get into all your digital content, but did you know it has tools to help you get students in without their password and you can launch and log out all students with the click of a button!?! You didn't??? Well, watch Michelle Hammond's EdTech Tip of the Week and/or check out the PDF guides: Clever Back Up Codes & Clever Launching app-Logging Out.