ePortfolios for Your Professional Development Documentation

This week’s Tip of the Week comes from Wendy Argenbright, one of secondary’s Curriculum Technology Specialists, who will show you (ALL TEACHERS!) what an ePortfolio is, why you might want to use it, and some tips and tricks to make documenting all your Professional Development digitally instead of “that folder” you have stored away in a drawer somewhere (hopefully). 😉

Whether you just need a basic list with supporting documents, or you want to be extra and store the presentations, videos, and other documents along with your certificates, this is perfect tool for TLE artifacts, continuing education, graduate degree work, or anything to document your professional growth.

Check out Wendy’s Tip of the Week video on our EdTech YouTube Channel or visit the Canvas ePortfolio help documents for step-by-step written guides.


As always, thank YOU for all you do each and every day. Don’t forgot about our EdTech Announcements if you ever need to go back and refresh your memory on that tip of the week from August or even last year.