On "Flipping the Classroom"

This week’s Tip of the Week includes video resources for flipping your classroom. I know we’ve all heard the term, but some teachers may be hesitant to pick the “right” reading or video to kickstart in-class conversations – really you just need to start somewhere, period.

Rusty Anderson speaks to this in the video below and features a couple of YouTubers who specialize in educational videos you can check out. Be sure to check out his referenced blog at the bottom of this email.

Also, Rusty did get his webcam back (but that will only make sense if you watch the video). 😉



Rusty’s inspiration came from this blog where you’ll find all the resources and commentary.


Referenced resources:

  • Numberphile, a math channel – sometimes with fun visuals and special guest experts.
  • Tom Scott – linguistics and various travel and geography stories