Basic Troubleshooting to Get You Back Up & Running

It's the worst, right Teachers?

When you have your lesson plan ready, kids are filtering into the room and bam. Your device doesn’t connect, or that site that you were on just last week isn’t coming up now, or maybe it’s an account issue. BELIEVE me, we understand. But did you know there are a handful of things you can do to prevent this? Jim Lawson created this week’s EdTech Tip of the Week, and takes you through several basic computer tips to keep your devices connected, up to date, and working properly. Check out his video below on our EdTech YouTube channel or open his Basic Computer Tips pdf found in our EdTech Update for today.

As always, be sure to submit an iiQ ticket as soon as you can, so it gets to someone that can assist sooner than later, especially if it relates to a website that needs to be opened for a lesson. Remember, this is very important: ALWAYS check your planned URLs on a district networked device a day or two before you plan to visit them in class. With all the upgrades Technology is implementing this week, it’s even more important to be sure everything is open and working prior to your lessons. If it isn’t, it’s a quick iiQ ticket for Software & Online Systems/ (scroll to the bottom) Web Filter – Lightspeed Systems / Open Website.